Exploring The Curtain Wall System: 100% Elevate Your Buildings Beauty


Curtain wall systems are commonly referred to as the “jewel of buildings” in modern architectural design. Because they represent a novel approach to exterior building surfaces. Curtain wall systems stand out as a critical component in determining the appearance of modern cities in a world of shifting architectural landscapes. These systems serve a purpose other than aesthetics in building design and construction. However, they also play crucial environmental and functional roles in structures.

In this article, we will learn about the curtain wall system step by step. So fasten your seat belts and embark with us on a journey into the world of curtain wall systems.

What Is A Curtain Wall System?

A curtain wall system acts as an exterior covering for glass structures and non-structural buildings. Moreover, the best curtain walling system, which is often made of glass and aluminum, is lightweight and thin in comparison to conventional building materials. The framework of the system of curtain wall is only fixed to the building skeleton. And is not responsible for supporting the building’s flooring or rooftop weights.

Types Of Curtain Walling Systems

Two types of curtain wall systems exist, which can be outlined as follows:

1. Stick Build Curtain Walls System:

Stick build curtain walls system is a type of curtain wall system used in modern buildings deign. The glazing panels and the curtain wall frame (mullions) are mounted and secured a single at a time in the stick system. And stick build curtain wall systems requires support from outside. This technique is primarily used in low-rise buildings or compact areas.  Additionally, advantages of stick-built curtain wall systems is that they are being inexpensive for small projects and being able to be modified easily.

2. Unitized Curtain Wall System:

Unitized curtain walling system is the second category of curtain walls system also used in the designing of buildings. This system’s component parts were originally put together at the factory. From the factory, the parts are put together and shipped as a whole to the project site. Due to the fact that they don’t need additional resources, so they are employed in constructions of buildings that are high-rise. Furthermore, the advantages of unitized curtain wall system are efficient In installation and have low disruption on site.

Components Of Curtain Wall System

A building system of curtain wall is made up of many parts that are used to construct a building’s exterior. Consequently, the list of curtain wall system key components is provided below.

  • Framing members ( Mullions and transoms).
  • Glazing panels.
  • Spanderel panels.
  • Sealants and gaskets.
  • Structural silicone.
  • Fixed glazing ‘s.
  • Covers and cappings.
  • Sunshades and Louvers.
  • Pressure plates and caps.
  • Insulated glazing units.
Advantages Of Curtain Walling System

In the modern architecture of buildings, curtain walling system has numerous significant advantages, some of which are as follows:


This system of curtain wall is very versatile in design. And can be used in many kind of buildings such as housing projects, educational institutions and commercial skyscrapers. It means it is easily adaptable to any structure.

Energy efficiency

The system of curtain wall are very energy-efficient in our increasingly hot environment. Its special features, such insulated glazing modules, keep buildings’ interiors cool and lower the temperature.

Protection from weather

System of curtain wall is very efficient in protecting the buildings from different kind of weather. They acts as a barrier from rain, pollutants and wind. This not only enhances the performance of the structure but also increases the building’s lifespan.

 Views and natural lighting

The system of curtain wall allows the day light to enter the building and this enhances the interior environment of building. Also the large glass panels of this system will enable everyone to look outside the building.

Enhancement of buildings beauty

The outer appearance of any building is the most important part in building structure. The system of curtain wall enhances the beauty of structures and they leaves a long lasting effect on the visitors and tourists as well.


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