5 Ideas To Hang Curtains With Renter Friendly Curtain Rods: An Ultimate Guide


Are you seeking for renter friendly curtain rods as a non-drilling method to hang renter-friendly curtains in your apartment? Ideally, you are then on the ideal location.

Apartment living has many benefits, but it may be challenging to make a tiny area seem like home, especially if you’re a renter.  Because your landlord won’t let you perform certain things that are in line with your preferences. Particularly, your landlord will not permit you to place curtains in your apartment since it could damage the wall. But resist getting discouraged because we are here to assist you.

Fortunately, there are many options for renter friendly curtain rods, and window treatments that are suitable for renters nowadays. And in this blog article, we’ll provide the answers to the problems you’ll face as you modify your rental area without leaving a trace.

Best Renter Friendly Curtain Rods For Hanging Curtains

Here are a few rental friendly ways to hang curtains and blinds you may use and give any rental property a homey vibe.

Hang curtains in rental with tension rods

Tension curtain rods for rental properties that extend from one edge of the window’s frame to the other are a simple and elegant technique to hang curtains behind beds on conventional paned windows with frameworks. However, they are equally as professional-looking as drill-in drape rods, affordable, and simple to install.

If you just hang your selected sheer or curtain over a curtain rod and snap it into place, it will look fantastic as window decorations in your flat. But keep in mind that because tension rods aren’t tied to the walls directly, they are slightly more unstable than other rods.

Hang curtains in rental with command hooks

A renter’s favorite item are command hooks because they’re a great method to hang compact drapes as well as coats and other belongings. They screw anything to the wall, including frames for pictures and little racks, yet a simple tug on the tab of the strip immediately breaks the grip. And they are a go to solution for rental friendly curtains and perfect for those who wants a minimalist look.

Apply the adhesive strip to the surface of the wall before gluing them, delay for twenty-four hours, and finally suspend the apartment’s curtain rods from them. The curtains may now be hung on the rod with ease.

Hang curtains in rental with magnetic curtain rods

The featherweight curtains that are capable of being hung on doors made of steel or steel-framed windows are suitable for temporary window covering. Meanwhile, they can be found in a variety of designs, and some of the designs have sticky strips that may be used to adhere these rods to various surfaces.

These powerful magnets are perfect for a rental apartment since they are capable of supporting the curtain and the rods and prevent them from falling. And whenever the moment arrives time for you to put the rod down, it won’t harm the wallpaper or paintwork since it is magnetic.

Hang renter friendly curtain rods with brackets

Brackets are the components of the renter friendly curtain rod’s hardware that are attached to the wall or window frame. For renters, they are ideal. Simply insert the bracket pins in the window’s trim’s edge. No destruction, no nails, and no hooks!

The renter friendly curtain with brackets is held securely in place, allowing you to hang your curtains from the rod. With this configuration, you can easily adjust the light and privacy levels by opening and closing the curtains. But these brackets can only be mounted on windows with a standard framework; they won’t hold a window that is flat with the surface of the wall.

Hang curtain with renter friendly fit and twist curtain rods

The concept is the same as that of tension rods, with the exception that the twist & fit rod does not require wall attachment. Although it’s all one piece, the layout gives the appearance of a hook and an individual rod.

The pressure created among the end of the rod and the structure of the wall or frame of the window holds the tension renter friendly hanging curtain rods in place when you twist or lengthen it to the proper length. Meanwhile, they offer a safe way to hang curtains without posing the danger of damaging the walls or window frames.

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